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lawn care schedule

Posted on 16 November 2017 by admin (0)

According to my friend who is expert in New Braunfels Lawn Maintenance, Lawn mowing needn’t be a task if you follow some easy rules. Basic lawn grass cutting Tips are-

-Never take away more than one third of the grass length on anyone occasion

-Each run up the field with the lawn mower|mower|garden tool|lawn tool} ought to slightly overlap the previous one; place a mark on both sides of the mower as your ‘overlap marker’

-If you would like ‘straight stripes’ on an outsized field or a field without a straight edge begin by mowing a line down the center of the lawn. now mow on either side of it

-Don’t worry regarding cutting ALL the grass at the sides of the field; if you are doing a final cut all round the perimeter of the field once or double you’ll get all the tip bits and add a ‘professional’ frame to your lawn mowing

-If your lawnmower features a roller change mowing direction at least each month

-If your lawn mower has four wheels you need to overlap every run so the wheels don’t get in constant place all the time. continual grass cutting within the same track can produce ruts and tramlines!

-If the grass is damp or long block your speed (not the blade speed)

-If you’re ‘scalping’ the field in some places (high spots) raise the mowing height. Scalped areas can usually be mossy and/or weedy

-Mow slopes and shady areas one setting over the remainder of the field

-If the field includes a ‘silver sheen’ or ‘frayed’ take care of mowing the blade(s) want sharpening

-If you’re employing a cylinder lawn mower and also the blade stutters or produces a ribbed or rippled effect within the field then either

-The lawn mower is blunt or beneath power-driven or

-The grass is just too long or too wet – block your field mowing speed and mow additional often

-Leave the box off if the lawn mower instructions permit and weeds and weed grasses aren’t seeding;

-In summer to help conserve wetness

-To gently feed the lawn within the season

-For one or two cuts once applying liquid feed, algae or iron products